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Security Guidelines on Access to GEO e-Services Portal



  1. Username and password are required in order to authenticate your identity every time you log in to e-Services Portal. Every user has the responsibility to protect his/her own username and password and should follow the general instructions below:

用戶須以用戶名稱和密碼確認身份登入電子化服務入門網站。 用戶有責任保護其用戶名稱和個人密碼,並須遵循下列一般守則:

(a) Change your password periodically, at least once every 6 months.

定期更新密碼,至少每 6 個月更新一次。

(b) If you receive a default password because of resetting password, change it immediately after logging in.


(c) DO NOT divulge or share username and password unless strictly necessary. If username and password have to be shared due to operational needs, change the password immediately when the sharing ends. When sharing username and password, it remains the user’s responsibility to ensure data security of the account.


(d) DO NOT write username and password in labels or obvious place.


(e) Be careful not to let other people see you enter password.


(f) If you suspect that your password has been compromised, change it immediately.


(g) Immediately report to the e-Services Team for any suspicious messages requesting you to divulge or change your password.


(h) DO NOT obtain and use passwords of other people by any means without authorisation.


(i) If you forget your password, you can reset it by clicking "Forget/Reset Account Password" in e-Services Portal home page or contact GEO Group for assistance.


  1. Please follow the guidelines below in creating your password:


(a) Password must have at least 8 characters composed of at least 3 of the following 4


密碼最少 8 個字符,並由以下 4 個類別中最少 3 個類別組成:

(i) English uppercase characters (A-Z)

英文大寫字母(A 至 Z)

(ii) English lowercase characters (a-z)

英文小寫字母(a 至 z)

(iii) Numerical digits (0-9)

數字(0 至 9)

(iv) Non-alphanumeric characters (!, $, #, %, @, - or _)

非字母數字(!、 $、 #、 %、 @、 - 或 _)

(b) DO NOT use your username in any form as the password (e.g. as-is, reversed, capitalised,

doubled, etc.).


(c) DO NOT use your first, middle or last name in any form as the password.


(d) DO NOT use your spouse’s or child’s name as the password.


(e) DO NOT use information easily obtained about you as the password. For example, do not use ID card number, car license plate number, telephone number, date of birth, any part of residential address, etc.


(f) DO NOT use your post or any other information related to the organisation in which you work as the password.


  1. The computers you use for accessing e-Services Portal should not be installed with any Peer-toPeer (P2P) file sharing software. The computers should be properly installed with firewall, antivirus software, malicious code detection and repair software. All the security software should be activated at all times with the latest virus signature, malicious code definition and security patches. Regular system scan should also be performed to ensure that these computers are free from computer virus and malicious code.


  1. Users must not log in to e-Services Portal from public computers, e.g. those in cyber cafés, because the security level of these computers are unknown.


  1. When connected to e-Services Portal, password-enabled screen saver should be enabled and never leave the computer unattended.


  1. After using e-Services Portal, log out from the system properly and close the browser (all the tabs) as soon as possible.