Market Research

Hong Kong market crashed as the Financial Secretary increased stamp duty. 25.02.2021
HSBC resumed payment of dividends. Hong Kong market soared. 24.02.2021
Investors sold down new economy stocks and bought old economy stocks. 23.02.2021
Hong Kong market rebounded in the afternoon after falling sharply in the morning. 22.02.2021
Financials and technology stocks fell to drag down the market. 19.02.2021
The market soared after opening lower due to profit taking. 18.02.2021
The market soared on the first trading day of the year of the bull. 17.02.2021
New Covid infection fell sharply as inoculation started to make a strong difference. 16.02.2021
Tencent and Meituan set record high to drive HSI above 30000. 11.02.2021
The market was quiet as funds from China took a break. 10.02.2021
The market was mixed with reduced turnover. 09.02.2021
Kuaishou tripled on its debut, driving up the market. 08.02.2021
Profit taking hit Hong Kong stocks. Technology stocks led the fall. 05.02.2021
Hong Kong stocks turned from loss to gain as Alibaba staged a late rally. 04.02.2021
Technology stocks led the market’s rally. 03.02.2021
Tencent and Meituan led the market’s rebound. 02.02.2021
Hong Kong market continued to fall. 01.02.2021
Hong Kong market traded sharply lower. 29.01.2021
US markets crashed more than 2%. 28.01.2021
Profit taking hit the market, wiping out Monday’s gain. 27.01.2021
Tencent led the market’s rally. 26.01.2021
Hong Kong stocks fell to profit taking. 25.01.2021
Biden became US President. Hang Seng index breached 30000, only to fall back. 22.01.2021
Alibaba soared 9% as Ma Yun appeared in person in over two months. 21.01.2021
Hang Seng index soared above 29000 as hot money flooded the market. 20.01.2021
Technology stocks soared to lift the market. 19.01.2021
Xiaomi was blacklisted by the US Government. Share price crashed to depress the market. 18.01.2021
Technology stocks led the market’s rally. 15.01.2021
Hong Kong market fell to profit taking. 14.01.2021
Stocks sanctioned by the US Government soared. 13.01.2021