Market Research

Telecoms soared to lift the market. 14.08.2020
HSBC soared to lift the market. 13.08.2020
Heavyweights led the market’s rebound. 12.08.2020
Tencent fell sharply to drag down the Hong Kong market. Next Media traded wildly. 11.08.2020
Trump signed executive order banning US companies from doing business with Chinese technology firms. The Hong Kong market crashed. 10.08.2020
Pompeo threatened to ban all Chinese Apps. The market fell sharply. 07.08.2020
Hang Seng index closed above 25000 points. 06.08.2020
Tencent and Financials led the market’s rise. 05.08.2020
HSBC declined to drag down Hong Kong stocks. 04.08.2020
HSBC declined to drag down Hong Kong stocks. 03.08.2020
Bottom fishing drove up HSBC, in addition to rebound in A shares, which led the market’s rebound. 30.07.2020
Tencent led the market’s rebound. 29.07.2020
Chinese official media accused HSBC of setting up Miss Meng. 28.07.2020
Pompeo delivered a blistering attack on China. Hong Kong market crashed. 27.07.2020
Tencent and HK Exchanges led the market’s rebound. 24.07.2020
China and the US engaged in a diplomatic tit for tat war. Hong Kong shares crashed. 23.07.2020
Technology stocks led the Hong Kong market’s rally. 22.07.2020
Shanghai composite index soared 100 points. A shares led Hong Kong market’s rebound. 21.07.2020
Tencent and technology stocks rebounded to lead the market. 20.07.2020
A shares crashed 4.5% to bring down Hong Kong shares. 17.07.2020
Trump cancelled Hong Kong’s special status. Mainland banks dragged down the Hong Kong market. 16.07.2020
Hong Kong technology stocks followed Nasdaq to trade much lower. 15.07.2020
The pandemic got out of control. Book fair was cancelled. Hong Kong stocks first rose but closed much lower. 14.07.2020
The covid19 infection worsened. Local schools were cancelled. Stock market crashed. 13.07.2020
Hong Kong recorded double digit new COVID19 infections. The market fell due to uncertainties. 10.07.2020
Tencent reached new high to lead the market. 09.07.2020
Hong Kong stocks hit by the worsening pandemic after a 4-day 2000 point gain span. 08.07.2020
The spectacular gain in A shares drove up Hong Kong shares. 07.07.2020
Hang Seng index soared 1000 points after the Central Government passed the HK National Security Act. 06.07.2020
Tencent and HK Exchanges set record highs to lead the market’s rally. 03.07.2020