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GEO Securities Ltd. will achieve customer value growth with excellent financial services, promote the progress of the securities industry, and create an international financial service organization with rich products, first-class service, outstanding capabilities and excellent brand, and ultimately become a trust and society of customers. An excellent company that respects and prides its employees.

Zhiyi Orient Securities is a relatively young securities company. In the future, the company intends to gradually enhance its marketing capabilities and pricing capabilities through the implementation of strategies such as capital publicization, asset lightening, business intensification, and service differentiation. With core competencies such as wind control capability, R&D and innovation capabilities, we strive to build Zhiyi Orient Securities into a securities company that provides value-added financial services to customers.

GEO Securities Ltd., as one of the innovative financial service organizations with wide business scope and wide organization, has led the industry in many aspects such as business department business model, fund depository model, fund underwriting and product innovation. Developed and built a customer service team with rich experience and high quality. At the same time, it has the advantage of fast, efficient and safe network operation, and transmits market information to investors as quickly as possible.

GEO Securities Ltd. will adhere to the business philosophy of “professional, caring, and win-win”, accumulating a large number of highly dynamic and high-level professionals, taking risk control as the premise, and constantly improving corporate governance and Advanced risk management technology is used as a means to ensure long-term healthy, stable and sustainable development of the company, to maximize the interests of shareholders and maximize the social value of the company.

The investment philosophy of GEO Securities Ltd. is to reduce the investment stock from simple to simple. Give customers the clearest advice and let investors make money in the market. Investors do not need to understand some complicated analysis and theory. They only need to know whether a stock is up or down, and the color is green (liter) or red (fall).

From May 20 to June 25, 2013, Hong Kong stocks showed short-term adjustments. Due to various news, the Hang Seng Index fell by 4000 points. Zhiyi Orient Securities used a flexible investment method to make customers' insurance more difficult. Not only is there no loss, but also making money in adversity. This is the competitive advantage of Zhiyi Dongfang. It is also the way for Zhiyi Oriental to break through in nearly 500 securities dealers in Hong Kong. We are using flexible investment methods to assist customers in response to market changes. In the ever-changing market, earning returns, we can still stand up against the market is the best proof.